July 25, 2022

Shree Ram Fertilizer Products to Bring Magical Results in Paddy Cultivation in India

Rice is a staple crop around the world, and the images of farmers knee-deep in water growing paddy are familiar and well-known. Rice fields always have a higher water usage. But they also need pesticides, and insecticides to stay out from the pest attacks. There comes the importance of bringing Shree Ram Fertilizers Products, which we’ll discuss in detail hereunder.

The Use of Organic Fertilizers in Rice Farming

To combat the effects of global warming, it is essential to boost the soil’s capacity to store organic carbon. Methane emissions and rice production are studied by Shree Ram Fertilizers in relation to the use of carbon-rich fertilizers.

Materials in varying states of decomposition are present in common organic fertilizers including cow dung and green manure as well as rice husk. As a matter of fact, today’s soil retains three times as much carbon as the atmosphere does. With the addition of organic materials to rice fields, even a minor soil management improvement can considerably reduce anthropogenic GHG emissions.

The Research Work

Fertilizer additions of organic or Krishi fertilizer and inorganic origin have been analyzed for their global warming potential and methane emission as well as their effect on soil carbon storage and crop productivity, according to the study’s findings. This research was carried out in the field by Shree Ram Fertilizers during the rainy season.

Rice seedlings were planted in five distinct plots for the study, which used a variety of methods. The very first plot was treated with a standard dose of traditional NPK fertilizer only, and its results were compared to those of the others. There were also four other plots where organic resources including cow dung, compost, and rice husk were used. Additionally, the inorganic NPK fertilizer was supplemented with these organic molecules.

NPK plus green manure was found to increase methane emissions when compared to a plot with NPK alone. Methane emissions rose by 40-60% when cow dung or green manure was added, according to the study. This was not the case when it came to crop productivity. Organic fertilizers had a substantial impact on the growth rate. Research indicated that using organic manure Hopper Plus from Shree Ram fertilizer company in conjunction with cow dung, rice husk dun and green manure resulted in a rise in the yield of the most significant magnitude.

Fertilizer costs in tropical places like northeast India are high, but organic materials are readily available, making it possible to add farmer-friendly organics to inorganic fertilizers. Because of its global warming emissions, rice production could benefit from the right management strategy that selects the optimal organic additives.

Control the Pests of your Paddy Field by Using these Insecticides to See a Bumper Yield

Identifying pests and using Shree ram pesticides, identifying damage and applying the appropriate Shree Ram fertilizers products are all critical if you want to know how to control insects on rice fields and bring about a magical yield.

How do they Affect the Plants?

Planthoppers are the first insects that damage paddy crops. These insects come in two types: Brown and White Backed. When they attack, plants turn yellow and lay white crescent-shaped eggs in the midrib.

Paddy worms, or armyworms, are caterpillars that feed on the rice. The paddy leaves and seedlings near the base of the plant are its primary food source. At night, they prefer to eat from the upper half of the rice canopy, which is why they are believed to be nocturnal.

Shree Ram Fertilizer Products in Action

We have the Rice Earhead bug, which you may already be familiar with. They are known for sucking the sap out of the grains, which causes them to become chaffy. The grains may have black blotches, and the field may smell like they’ve been infested with flies. The Shree Ram fertilizer company’s Shree ram herbicide like the Altrashree containing Altrazine 50% WP can be the best solution to get rid of the earhead bugs.

How to identify their Operation?

Insects such as these can cause serious harm to paddy fields both as larvae and adults. When the adult beetle eats a leaf, it scrapes off the top epidermis, leaving just the lower epidermis behind. In most cases, the eggs are deposited in tiny spaces on the tips of the leaves by the adult. The spines on their bodies and the dark blue to black colouration make these insects easy to spot. In addition, they cause crop harm by weakening plants and rendering their leaves white.

A total of six species of stem borer have been identified as destroying paddy crops. Some of the most common species of stem borer include the gold-fringed striped stem borer, the black striped stem borer, and the yellow-fringed striped stem borer. Paddy crops can be damaged at any stage of growth by stem borers, including seedlings and fully established plants.

Tiny holes can be seen on the tillers, and the stems near the budding panicles may turn white with unfilled grains when this occurs. You can use Alex from among the Shree Ram fertilizer products to get rid of stem borers and get a bumper yield. Alex contains a combination of Emamectin Benzoate 1.5% + Fipronil 3.5% SC which works amazingly on these borers.

Check out Shree Ram Fertilizers for your go-to organic fertilizer and the greatest insecticide for increasing your production

Your crop and soil productivity woes will be solved by choosing the Shree Ram fertilizer products. A wide range of products are offered in a variety of categories, and the greatest thing is that they are all priced so low as to be affordable for Indian farmers.

Moreover, insects in paddy plants can be controlled with the help of Shree Ram fertilizer products as well. Shree Ram fertilizer products are the best answer for you if you’ve been ravaged by bug damage to your paddy field which is the most common cause behind reaching the magical results in paddy cultivation.

All of Shree Ram Fertilizers and Chemical products have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Choosing their products is the finest part because you don’t have to go beyond your budget. Their products can be purchased at low prices and are immediately effective.