June 23, 2022

Krishi Udyog Fertilizer Bringing Amazing Results in Fruits Cultivation in India

A healthy diet always has lots of fruits in it as fruits are full of vitamins, antioxidants, fibres, minerals etc. Having fruits in your daily lifestyle can even save you from having a lot of diseases. Even fruits are good for skin, and hair growth. But did you ever think that the same fruit we are consuming every day, which we consider as healthy, could have harmful chemicals in it? Yes, you heard me right. Because of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which farmers in general use for fruit cultivation, our favourite fruits are losing their goodness. Because of this, farmers are currently replacing harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides with the Krishi Udyog fertilizer and other organic products.

They are working amazingly on fruit cultivation and the results are visible and exciting. The end harvested fruits are chemical-free, healthy and enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients as we want. Let’s discuss the positive impacts of these organic fertilizers on fruit cultivation in detail.

Why are farmers using Krishi Udyog Fertilizer in fruit cultivation?

When you switch the chemical fertilizers with the organic ones during fruit cultivation, you will see some positive impacts. The organic component of Krishi fertilizers has many benefits. This is why farmers are switching to organic Krishi Udyog fertilizer in place of inorganic chemical fertilizers. Below are the reasons for it –

  • Make your soil and plant healthy and strong

Krishi Udyog fertilizers have an organic component which breaks down and gradually helps in improving the structure of your soil. This results in better soil quality that can absorb and hold water and nutrients for a longer period of time. This is one of the reasons for using organic fertilizers in fruit cultivation. Shree Ram fertilizer company has produced one of the best fertilizers for fruits namely Richgrow Prom which can give you visible results in less time.

  • Don’t over-fertilize your plants

Another big reason for using Krishi Udyog fertilizer in fruit cultivation is because these fertilizers are slow-release in nature, which means they release the nutrients and essential elements slowly. So, there is no chance that these organic fertilizers over-fertilize your plants.

  • No toxic reactions

As these fertilizers are free from harmful chemicals, they will not create any toxic reactions to plants that can affect the health of fruits. This is the third biggest reason for using Krishi Udyog fertilizers.

  • Affordable

Another reason is these Krishi organic fertilizers are quite affordable too. You can even make your own fertilizers with kitchen waste, poultry manure, decomposed leaves etc. For example, using decomposed kitchen scraps as fertilizer, can solve your requirement of using Lexus insecticide.

  • Biodegradable

One of the biggest reasons for using Krishi Udyog Fertilizer is that they are biodegradable and don’t have any negative impact on the environment. On the other side, inorganic and chemically treated fertilizers have harmful effects on the environment.


What are the results of using Krishi fertilizer in fruit cultivation?

The results of using Krishi Udyog fertilizers are really magical. Below is the outcome of these fertilizers

  • Better soil quality

Organic Krishi fertilizers maintain soil quality better when it is used during fruit cultivation. It will enrich the soil with effective nutrients and soil will become more fertile than before.

  • Better plant health

Krishi Udyog fertilizers are also helpful for the well-being of plants and the harvest too. They help the plants to get the exact amount of natural nutrition they need during their growth period. As a result, the plants will be healthier.

  • Healthier lifestyle

As Krishi Udyog fertilizers are extremely good for both plants and fruits, the end product that we get from fruit cultivation is more healthy. Krishi fertilizers in fruit cultivation can result in healthy chemical-free fruits, which are free from toxic effects and also properly mature. Fruits will be full of antioxidants, nutrients, fibres, and vitamins. Consuming these fruits will help us to maintain an absolutely healthy lifestyle.

  • Creating better environment

Organic fertilizers are also beneficial for the environment. As they are decomposable, there are chances of pollution or contamination to the environment, unlike other inorganic fertilizers.

What are the best organic Krishi fertilizers for your fruit cultivation?

krishi udyog fertilizer

Below are some of the organic fertilizers that are extremely beneficial for fruit cultivation –

  • Blood meal

This is one of the best organic fertilizers that will be really beneficial for fruit cultivation. It has the dust of dry slaughtered animal blood which can be used as a watery diluted form. Extremely useful to solve issues like soil depletion, increase the nitrogen level of soil etc.

  • Soybean meal

This could be a good choice if you want a long term conditioning effect on your soil. It is a nitrogen booster that also has Calcium and Phosphate in it that is suitable for fruit cultivation. Soybean meal could be a great Krishi Udyog fertilizer for fruit cultivation in India.

  • Composted chicken manure

Another extremely beneficial organic Krishi fertilizer is composted chicken manure which is not only rich in nitrogen but also a great source of macro and micronutrients. It helps in fruit cultivation as when used, this fertilizer slowly releases its nutrients into the soil.

  • Cottonseed meal

This meal is extremely beneficial for acid-loving fruit plants like blueberries and other fruits. Along with nitrogen, this has phosphorus, potassium and some other important food elements especially needed for fruit cultivation.

  • Feather meal

It’s basically a processed byproduct that is made mainly from ground poultry feathers. It is a good source of nitrogen too that can help in fruit cultivation.

You can also opt for different fertilizers and other products from Shree Ram fertilizer. All the products they made are extremely good for farming and they are organic too. They can give you exact products for every stage of fruit cultivation.

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