December 23, 2022

Importance of Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products for Indian Agriculture?

Agriculture is the primary activity engaged in by farmers. To supply the needs of the nation, over half of the population depends on agriculture. But have you ever questioned whether it takes these seeds days, months, or even years to fully develop into a plant or crop? And for this reason, farmers employ fertilizers in response to the need and urgency of the plants and crops. Similarly, the future of agriculture lies in the hands of manufacturers of the right fertilizers. Keeping this in mind, we at Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products offer the best choices for every farmer and their agricultural needs.

Strengthening Indian Agriculture with Our Products | Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products

For years, Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products have been trusted by thousands of farmers. We still take pride in providing the best products to our customers. Talking about products, here are some of the most popular products and their benefits:

  • Insecticide from the House of Shree Ram Fertilizers

Chemicals known as insecticides are used to control one or more types of insects. They are employed in agriculture to eradicate pests that attack planted crops. Besides, they also help in preventing the spread of diseases. Knowing insects are a big threat to crops, they can damage the overall process.

Agriculture has benefited greatly from the crop protection that insecticides offer. Some of the best Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products to pick for your needs are:

  • Lexus Insecticide- From increasing yields, improving production, and improving the quality of crops, to protecting against multiple pests, our product has benefited farmers in various ways. With these clear benefits, you can surely use this product to protect your crops and plants.
  • Procure- Procure’s natural characteristics are utilized in the formulation of this insecticide spray to keep out pests, destroy fungus, and treat plant illnesses. The fruits and vegetables grown in the gardens are protected until they are ready to be harvested thanks to the fact that they may be used on both indoor and outdoor plants up until the day of harvest.

Additionally, the spray is a safe choice for usage around children and pets and is an environmentally friendly alternative that won’t harm the local animals.

  • Herbicide & Weedicides by Shri Ram Fertilizers

In agricultural ecosystems, herbicides are used to lessen the density of weeds and encourage the growth of beneficial species. Herbicide usage in agriculture may alter the makeup of weed populations. Herbicides and weedicides may increase the variety of native species in untamed areas.

Different weed types affect different crops, thus different herbicides will need to be employed. We at Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products offer various products. According to your needs, you can choose from different products. However, here are some to know about:

  • 3 Idiots- The 2,4-D amine salt found in 58% of this product from Shreeram herbicide inhibits gibberellin activity and has systemic effects. From decreasing leaf size, and leaf area, to internode size, all of which boost the target crop’s harvesting yields. Within days of its application, it produces visible signs of its greening impact.
  • Sultan- This weed killer may quickly remove undesirable plants from your flower bed or garden with visible effects in only 15 minutes. All weeds and grasses are promptly suppressed by this spray. Farmers have loved how effectively it works.
  • Bio Fertilizers from Shree Ram Fertilizers and Products

In order to raise crop output, improve and restore soil fertility, promote plant development, lower production costs, and lessen the environmental effect associated with chemical fertilization, biofertilizers are seen as a viable and attractive biotechnology option.

Because they are made of organic components rather than chemicals, which are detrimental to consumers, biofertilizers are preferred to chemical fertilizers in agriculture. Furthermore, you can choose from our bio-fertilizers such as:

  • Zibba- Zibba is another product from Shreeram Fertilizers and Chemicals Products that have benefited farmers in multiple ways. From nourishing soil, enhancing soil quality, and enhancing phosphorus in the soil and root, to providing nutrients, it overall guarantees complete delivery and development.
  • Organic Zinc- A zinc shortage is indicated by the interveinal chlorosis of young leaves or by burning that begins at the leaf border or tip of new leaves. To overcome this, you can use our Organic Zinc. From improving soil quality to increasing crop yield, it has benefited farmers in various ways. So stop the diseases from spreading by using this product.
  • Plant Growth Regulator by Shreeram Fertilizers

Other than nutrients, plant growth regulators are organic substances that alter physiological processes in plants. When plant growth regulators are applied to crops, hormonal balance and growth are altered, increasing yield, crop tolerance to abiotic stress, and crop physiological traits. Furthermore, here are some of our products:

  • Shrigibb Easy- This product from Shree Ram contains gibberellic acid. As a result, it helps in multiple ways including plant growth promotion, increasing seed germination, etc. Therefore, our product has manipulated flowering, and fruit development and shown effective and positive outcomes.
  • Hopper Plus- Hopper Plus is another effective biofertilizer. Organic matter from manure contributes to better soil structure. As a result, it enhances water infiltration and increases water-holding capacity. Additionally, it also helps in reducing crop water stress, and soil erosion, along with increasing nutrient retention.