October 27, 2022

How Does the Use of Shree Ram Pesticides Benefit Agriculture? Useful Tips

Choosing to use Shree Ram Pesticides has proven to increase the nutritional value of the soil and meet the expectations of the farmers in every way. The best part about purchasing items from this brand is that all the pesticides are of premium quality. The amount of food produced is crucial as the human population grows. Unfortunately, there are other species present there that would want to eat the crops which are grown for human consumption.

Therefore, to intend this issue the use of pesticides has taken place. Apart from this, the use of Shree Ram Pesticides has resulted to be advantageous in many other ways which you will get to know by reading this article until the end.

What is a Pesticide?

Pesticides can be understood as chemical compounds that are used to eradicate pests. It is a substance that repels or completely kills the pest which could be a chemical or biological agent like a virus, bacteria, antimicrobial or others.

As pesticides are used frequently, the farmers also use plant protection products. Furthermore, pesticides include herbicides which are used to destroy weeds or unwanted vegetation, fungicides that eliminate the growth of moulds, disinfectants that prevent bacteria and more.

These days organic pesticides are also available like Fipro Shree from Shree Ram Pesticides which you can use for your crops. The “Fipro Shree” usually belongs to the phenylpyrazole chemical family which controls the spread of fleas, ticks, termites, ants, weevils and other insects. They are easy to use and are completely harmless to humans.

Advantages of Using Pesticides for Agriculture | Shree Ram Pesticides, The Saviour

If you are looking forward to making use of Shree Ram Pesticides, and are wondering how they can be advantageous for agriculture, then check out the below pointers.

  • Improves Productivity

The use of pesticides has enabled farmers to grow larger crops even on smaller plots of land. This is because the use of Shree Ram Pesticides has proven to control the damage done to crops by insects or other creatures.

Farmers do not have to go through the loss of crops. Also, pesticides allow the farmers to get the most out of other priceless agricultural equipment such as premium seeds, fertilizers, and water supplies.

  • Offers Protection to the Crops

As mentioned earlier, when pesticides are used in the right way, they protect crops from insects, bacteria, and other creatures. As a farmer, you do not need to worry about the crops getting damaged or destroyed anymore.

For instance, you can use pesticides like Bupro Shree from Shree Ram Pesticides that contain Buprofezin 25 % SC. This helps in inhibiting the moulting of nymphs and larvae causing death.

Other than that, some of the types of pests that can be controlled with this pesticide include mealy bugs, hoppers, thrips, jassids, brown plant hoppers, aphids, whiteflies and more. It has a quick knockdown effect, is safe to use and is biodegradable in nature.

  • Controls Vector / Water Borne / Insect Transmitted Disease

Besides protecting crops from pests, using pesticides has proven to be helpful in controlling vector disease and preventing waterborne alongside insect-transmitted diseases. In simple words, the use of pesticides has proven to contribute to enhancing human health by preventing the outbreaks of certain diseases.

  • Brings Quality Food

When Shree Ram Pesticides are used they keep the pests away in every way and protect the crop. This helps the crop from losing its nutritional property and results to be beneficial for the health of humans.

Moreover, when you consume fruits and vegetables that have not been affected by the pests, you are simply at a lower risk of many malignancies alongside health ailments like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

For instance, there is the use of organic pesticides like Cyper 25 from Shree Ram Pesticides which contain cypermethrin 25 % EC. This product is basically a synthetic pyrethroid which helps to kill insects and termites like cockroaches, fleas and more. To be precise, this item from Shree Ram Pesticide can be used to target bollworms, jassids, thrips, diamond black moths, etc.

  • Keeps the Food Affordable

It is because of the use of pesticides that food is affordable everywhere around the world. As farmers are growing more food without encountering any damage or loss, it is not affecting the price in any way.

On the other hand, farmers are also benefiting and earning at the same time as they do not have to spend time or labour in getting rid of the pests. The use of pesticides has become an affordable, quick and easy solution in every way.

  • Protect Storage

As a farmer, once your crops have been grown successfully, you would want to store them after harvesting. This is when the use of pesticides can help as they protect the crops during storage not only from insects but rodents as well. Using pesticides you would be getting the chance to store the harvest for a longer period of time without any hassle.

Are there any Disadvantages to Using Pesticides?

The use of pesticides has always been known to be harmful in multiple ways for humans. From impacting health in a negative way and causing diseases to have a negative effect on other species – the use of pesticides has resulted to show harmful effects.

They have also been shown to cause environmental pollution and genetic defects. But fortunately, this was during the time when harmful chemicals were used in manufacturing pesticides. With changing times and the adoption of new techniques, brands like Shree Ram Fertilizer have taken up new measures to prepare pesticides that are completely organic.