January 7, 2023

How Do Shree Ram Pesticides Help Indian Farmers?

Farmers can now grow larger crops in fewer areas thanks to the invention of pesticides. Therefore, pesticides are a necessary tool for the sustainable production of premium foods and crops. Pesticides also enable farmers to exploit the advantages of other priceless agricultural implements. One such is Shree Ram Pesticides which has benefited farmers over the world. It has saved more than half of the world’s crops from being lost due to insects and weeds. So if you’re wondering whether these pesticides are worth choosing, then are facts about how it has benefited Indian farmers.

1. Prevents Diseases

Pesticides aid in reducing infections that are spread through water and by insects. It aids in limiting the spread of diseases brought on by rodents and insects. As they can help to lessen deforestation, and soil erosion, and aid in the conservation of natural resources, pesticides are employed to conserve and protect the environment.

One such Shree Ram Pesticides product is Procure. It helps in controlling weeds, insect infestation as well as other diseases. So you can expect your plant diseases to be killed off while also reducing the prevalence of allergies and viruses. Besides, our product has also helped in enhancing human health. The best part is that our pesticides cause no side effects.

2. Cost Effective

Compared to veggies cultivated with herbicides, growing organic vegetables requires more investment because hand weeding is required. However, the use of Shree Ram Pesticides has allowed thousands of farmers to grow more food on the same land while maintaining low expenses.

Agricultural losses have a big impact on farmers, therefore they have to charge more when they sell their products. However, using pesticides can help enhance agricultural productivity, which will therefore raise the farmer’s revenue as well.

Therefore, our pesticides have enabled farmers to produce more food, which immediately lowers the cost and increases the accessibility of food. Besides, as a result, it also raises the level of living and quality of life for farmers.

3. Saves Time

Instead of spending hours pulling weeds from the area around their crops, our pesticides have allowed farmers to save valuable time by protecting the crop from weeds. Farmers don’t have to keep tilling the field in an effort to increase their agricultural yield when their crop is protected from pests.

Besides, crop protection enables producers to safeguard their harvests and give the populace a bountiful supply. Our Pesticides like Shrigent have made emerging nations like India become producers of food. Our pesticide has successfully provided a solution to potential food shortages because pests and illnesses frequently cause large agricultural output reductions.

4. Secures Storage

Pests may affect a crop even after it has been planted. However, expensive grains can be damaged due to rodents, mould, and bugs. This is where pesticides come in. Our pesticides used in stored goods have resulted in increasing the shelf life of commodities. Besides, it also reduces significant post-harvest losses due to pests and illnesses and safeguards grain so that it is safe to consume.

One such product from Shree Ram is Ultimate- Selective Weedicide. Using this pesticide makes sure the crop is protected from pests and is in good enough condition to be harvested. Surely our pesticides have benefited farmers by protecting crops from damage and pest infestation.

Do’s and Don’ts During Pesticide Storage

  • Do’s:

    • Keep the insecticides/pesticides out of the building’s footprint.
    • Keep pesticides in their original packaging, and store weedicides and pesticides separately, if any.
    • In areas where pesticides have been kept, warning notices should be posted.
    • Pesticides should be kept out of the reach of children and animals, and the storage area should be well-protected from rain and direct sunshine.
  • Don’t’s:

  • Never keep pesticides on your property.
  • Never transfer insecticides from their original containers to another.
  • Do not store weedicides and insecticides together.
  • Please keep minors out of the storage area.
  • Pesticides shouldn’t be left out in the rain or sunlight.

The Future of Agriculture Demands the Right Pesticides

Whether you support pesticide use in agriculture or are opposed to it, more environmentally friendly methods of crop protection and production will be necessary for future food security. This is especially true for preserving the health of the soil. To further safeguard against dangerous substances, more thorough, careful mitigations must be put in place. Keeping all these in mind, we at Shree Ram Fertilizer offer the best quality products.

With years of experience and expertise, our Shree Ram Pesticides are meant to improve crop productivity. We are the leading manufacturer of pesticides and offer a range of pesticides. Our products are certified as it is made using the finest quality raw material. Our team members make sure the products are delivered to customers only after being checked thoroughly and tested. Overall, we are dedicated to providing farmers with high-quality pesticides.