May 19, 2022

Farming Made-Easy with Krishi Fertilizers | 8 Best Organic Fertilizers for your Farm


Have you recently discovered how harmful chemical-based fertilizers are? How can they impact your health and the farm as well?

It’s time to switch to organic Krishi Fertilizers which are an important source of soil and plant nutrients.

It would not be wrong to say that organic Krishi Udyog fertilizers are no less than an environmentally friendly solution. But what are they made up of and why you should be using them remains a constant question. Find out everything in detail, here below.

What is Organic Krishi Fertilizers made up of?

Inorganic fertilizers may contain some organic elements but can cause a hazardous build-up of salts in the soil when overused. While on the other hand, organic Krishi Fertilizer does not come with such side effects. In order to make them, mined rock minerals alongside natural plant and animal resources are used.

Some of its constituents include guano, powdered blood, phosphate rock, manure, etc. These can be found in powdered, liquid as well as solid forms at brands like Shri Ram fertilizers and Chemicals and require different techniques to apply.

Using Krishi Udyog Fertilizer comes with multiple benefits including boosting nutrient efficiency and enhancing soil fertility. Apart from this, it improves the quality attributes of produce and is completely renewable, biodegradable, sustainable alongside environmentally friendly.

8 Organic Krishi Fertilizers for your Farm for Better Production

Organic fertilizers of Shri Ram Fertilizers products are derived from vegetable matter, mineral matter, animal matter and so on. However, if you want to make fertilizers on your own, then here are a few of them you can depend on.

1. Poultry Manure

One of the first types of fertilizers that you can use is Poultry Manure. They have high nutrient levels when compared to cow dung and work faster than one can imagine.

You can use it right after harvesting the crops or before beginning another farming cycle. However, one must be cautious so that they do not overuse it as it may cause them to burn the plants.

Apart from this, you can also choose to use Rich grow Prom from Shree Ram Fertilizer Company which has Phosphate rich organic manure in them.

2. Ground coffee

There are many uses for coffee grounds including the fact that it is one of the most useful garden fertilizers.

There are many plants that flourish in acidic soil including blueberries, roses, tomatoes, etc. When it comes to growing these plants, you can recycle the coffee grinds to boost the soil’s acidity.

You can either top-dress it by dusting the grinds above the soil’s surface or simply pour coffee after preparing it over the garden. Just make sure to soak up to six cups of coffee grounds for up to a week before starting to water the plants again.

3. Soybeans meals

Soybean meal is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. It is known to have low contents of phosphate and calcium which makes it a good choice for being a long term soil conditioner.

They are also considered a functional additive that helps in soil maintenance.

Besides that, it is the local growing conditions that influence how quickly this organic fertilizer would react and get absorbed into the soil.

4. Banana peel

If you have a rose garden and want to protect it at every cost, then nothing is best than relying on Banana peels. These are high in potassium which promotes the growth of the roses.

All you need to do is bury the peels of banana in a hole alongside the rose bush so that they can naturally compost. Also, make sure to bury the peels in the top layer of the soil as the rose grows.

In case, you do not want to use banana peels for some cause, then you can opt to use products like Khada Sona from Shree Ram Fertilizer that would bring fruitful results.

5. Grass clipping

Grass clippings are a great low-cost fertilizer that you can opt for which are usually free. This can be used to keep the weeds at a bay while they help to retain the moisture in the soil.

Although to inform you, the nitrogen content may keep fluctuating in each batch. Those who have an organic lawn can opt for it to use in gardening.

For a whole growing season, a covering of 1 to 2 inches should be enough. Also, simply avoid utilising grass cuttings from herbicide-treated lawns.

6.Tree leaves

Here come fall leaves that can be used as an organic fertilizer for your gardens. Instead of bagging them, burning them or throwing them away, use them as an organic fertilizer.

This is because leaves have high trace minerals which retain moisture and aid in the lightening of heavy soils.

Therefore, you can either plough leaves into the soil or mix the crushed ones into the potting soil so that your plants can be nurtured.

7. Kitchen scraps

Kitchen scraps may seem like waste material, but in reality, they are no less useful when used as organic fertilizer.

When kitchen scraps compost, they start to release nutrients that would not require reapplication of Alex insecticide for a year.

Using such compost can help to retain the moisture of the soil and supports the vegetables to thrive in hot and humid weather.

Also, it would retain the water in the soil for a longer period of time so that the organic matter and soil fertility can be improved.

8. Bone meal

Bone meal is another fertilizer that you can use as a better alternative to chemical-based fertilizers. This is formed from ground-up cow bones and is rich in phosphorus besides nitrogen.

Using this fertilizer will promote floral output and root growth. It is also considered a perfect solution for floral plants, fruit trees, bulbs, etc.

Many farmers opt for it as a soil amendment in areas where plants are frequently burned due to high nitrogen levels. However, if you cannot find bone meals, then you can use Alex insecticide from Shri Ram Chemicals and Fertilizers at affordable rates.

Get the best Organic Krishi Udyog Fertilizers for your farm

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